Language Learning Social Networks and more

Here is a table with most if not all language learning social networks and platforms for collaborative language learning (click on the link for a better view):

Are we connecting students with target language communities, at the core of the ACTFL standards?

It's definitely an unresolved matter.

More info:


Thanks Gabriel!

Thank you very much for your "report of findings". I shall, when I find some time, work towards using one or more of them, I thought it might get me out of my present relative isolation in respect of speaking spanish. I first have to buy a microphone and earphones, as during the daytime, I am at work, whereas my home computer does have the mike and speakers, but is located in a cold verandah, so I only quickly scan my mail there and ... get the hell out before I freeze my bum!

Also I have to find out about "Skype" which I am not (really) familiar with. I'm sure most of the students are very well acquainted with the paraphernalia of internet communications which, alas, I am not, so far.


Ni siquiera novillero en toros soy matador, de idiomas.

Have you ever heard about

Have you ever heard about laptops? ;-) You could practice from your bed.

About Skype: you do not need it if you use, probably the best website for practicing oral interaction, even though there is no webcam...


Hola soy la fundadora de palabea, y me encantaría matizar que además de dar clases, en palabea, se puede aprender con video lecciones, con lecciones, con podcast, y sistema de comunicación a través de video conferencia o audio conferencia sin la necesidad de descargar un software. Otra cosa que me gustaría aclarar es que la página ha sido creada por Sebastian Schkudlara, Patricia Sierra y Guido Veth.
Muchas gracias, Un saludo


creo que la plataforma más completa y práctica a la hora de practicar un idioma, por su sencilla interfaz y cantidad de herramientas a tu disposición es palabea. sharedtalk es tambén práctica, pero no tan completa.
a aprender!

Wow, gracias Gabriel! Lo vi

Wow, gracias Gabriel!

Lo vi este post y trate que bueno. Hable con dos personas. ¿Qué sabéis ¿Qué sabéis de esto?



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