Websites to interchange languages for free

Below is a list of free social websites for learning languages through language exchanges on internet.

Many of these websites have added a Premium option so they are not entirely free anymore. Websites that are not entirely free have an asterisk (*) in this list.

1. The Mixxer
3. Livemocha
4. Unicollaboration (providing experiences, potential partnerships, and guidelines for instructors who want to participate in online intercultural collaboration projects)
5. We Speke
6. Busuu
7. Language Twin
8. Verbling
9. Poliglota
10. Babbel
11. My Happy Planet
12. Lang 8
13. Italki
14. Palabea
15. xLingo
16. Shared Talk
17. Conversation Exchange
18. Interpals
19. Open Language Exchange
20. Easy Language Exchange
21. Tandem Exchange
22. Babel Village
23. Languages for Exchange
24. My Language Exchange
25. My Happy Planet
26. Coeffee
27. Etwinning (connecting language teachers)

I have erased a number of social networks that are no longer working.

More info:

My happy planet

Another one:
I am trying to see right now if this website follows our rules...
So far so good. Who is behind?

Thanks Gabriel!

Thank you very much for your "report of findings". I shall, when I find some time, work towards using one or more of them, I thought it might get me out of my present relative isolation in respect of speaking spanish. I first have to buy a microphone and earphones, as during the daytime, I am at work, whereas my home computer does have the mike and speakers, but is located in a cold verandah, so I only quickly scan my mail there and ... get the hell out before I freeze my bum!

Also I have to find out about "Skype" which I am not (really) familiar with. I'm sure most of the students are very well acquainted with the paraphernalia of internet communications which, alas, I am not, so far.


Ni siquiera novillero en toros soy matador, de idiomas.

Have you ever heard about

Have you ever heard about laptops? ;-) You could practice from your bed.

About Skype: you do not need it if you use, probably the best website for practicing oral interaction, even though there is no webcam...


Hola soy la fundadora de palabea, y me encantaría matizar que además de dar clases, en palabea, se puede aprender con video lecciones, con lecciones, con podcast, y sistema de comunicación a través de video conferencia o audio conferencia sin la necesidad de descargar un software. Otra cosa que me gustaría aclarar es que la página ha sido creada por Sebastian Schkudlara, Patricia Sierra y Guido Veth.
Muchas gracias, Un saludo


creo que la plataforma más completa y práctica a la hora de practicar un idioma, por su sencilla interfaz y cantidad de herramientas a tu disposición es palabea. sharedtalk es tambén práctica, pero no tan completa.
a aprender!

Wow, gracias Gabriel! Lo vi

Wow, gracias Gabriel!

Lo vi este post y trate que bueno. Hable con dos personas. ¿Qué sabéis ¿Qué sabéis de esto?

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